Ikebukuro – Narimasu – Saitama

I will introduce some places here based on my experiences. 

Ikebukuro. The city gets very vibrant at night and is busy over day. There are tons of high buildings and lots of people. The shops here are packed in one of the stocks of a skyscraper or just very huge. In the station itself are 2 very huge department stores. I got lost. Besides that, a lot of smaller shops also can be found in the station. 

Tea fields in Saitama. I made a trip to a more country side -ish city and I found a totally different Japan. No busy people everywhere but still lots of shops centrated. Compared to Ikebukuro though, a really small number. In Saitama I could get a more relaxed atmosphere and different kind of view. 


Kanamechou,  near the university. 


Near Narimasu, where I live. It’s a family-friendly environment and really nice to live.  

Rikkyo University. A lot of green and European style building! When school starts, apparatus it will be enormously crowded. 

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