Christmas date in Japan

This was the first time I didn`t spend Christmas together with my family. But since I`m in Japan, I wanted to know what Japanese Christmas is like, since Christians are a minority. It`s not like in Europe Christmas hasn`t become an event for consumers, but there`s still this atmosphere of enjoying it together with your family. Of course, not every family will be like this. In my family, we go to the church every year. It`s tradition and until now everyone kept to this tradition as much as possible.Even after I grew up, became free to choose if I go or not, I wanted to go with my family. Anyway, in Japan Christmas means, to put it roughly and general, KFC and cake, from what I have seen.

From November on, there already was publicity for reserving your seat in KFC on Christmas. This was a small surprise for me. I didn`t particularly have the image of celebrating Christmas in a fast-food restaurant.  Cake, on the other hand is understandable. But it`s such a huge event that probably Christmas is the day for every cake shop where they sell the most. Like blown out of proportion. I don`t remember buying a cake was almost a requirement in my home town.

Another phenomenon occurring around Christmas are the illuminations. In Europa there are also a lot of places who light up, so I wouldn`t say it`s so much different. In Tokyo, there were also a lot of places who lit up.  Very sparkling and pretty. I think a lot of couples go to see `illuminations` on Christmas. Christmas is more like a couple thing in Japan apparently.

Luckily I wasn`t alone too. Me and my boyfriend didn`t go to KFC on Christmas, but we did the cake and illuminations-part. On Christmas eve we went to Omotesandou 表参道, a fashionable district in the heart of Tokyo where a lot of expensive shops can be found. The trees lining up next to the street, reminding me of the Champs-Élysées in Paris,  were lit up and sparkling beautifully. And for dinner, we went to Mr. Farmer, which I enjoyed since it`s a restaurant in my style : a lot of healthy foods~ I ate a salad. Even my boyfriend enjoyed it, even though he normally doesn`t eat very healthy haha. I appreciate him trying for me though! Oh, before I forget! You can find some Christmas markets with mostly German food (sausages, but you can also find a lot of other different dishes. Not very vegetarian though. But there were French fries and hamburgers as I remember. And hot cocoa). We also did the cake part! First, my boyfriend made dinner, pumpkin stew with sweet potatoes and tofu (an experiment he tried out for me and I liked it at lot ). As dessert we ate matcha or Green Tea cake! I ate the matcha shortcake and my boyfriend the matcha chiffon cake. We bought them at Cozy Corner!


It was very nice. But I missed the Christmas feeling a bit. But I missed my family the most at this time of the year.


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