Feeling like a princess in Dresden

We arrived in Dresden at around one o’clock. The hotel, an Ibis hotel, was close to the station and easy to find. After checking in, we immediately started exploring the city. I think my Japanese friend almost died from excitement. The city was wonderful. We felt like walking through a place from a fairytail. Almost every building must have gotten photographed by us I think. Because we only had half a day, we limited our visit to the ‘Altstadt’, but we both were satisfied enough with that.

We went to the Semperoper, die Kreuzkirche, die Frauenkirche and the `Zwinger`. We also wanted to the Festummuseum but it was closed because it was its closing day, Monday. Somehow we have bad luck with opening hours. Yesterday also, forgetting it was Sunday and that almost every shop closes. Anyway, just walking through the city brought a feeling of fulfillment. We both were tired and cold but walking through the city gave a kind of excitement which pushed us through the day. Especially the Frauenkirche was very pretty. We wanted to go up to the tower but we didn’t want to pay the fee so we gave up on that. The other reason was because we wanted to go to the Festum museum. Which was closed. But we didn’t know that at that moment. But the view and atmosphere of the city itself was very nice too and I think wherever we would go, would be happy with it.


 In the evening, we ate dinner at ‘Aha Café’. I found it in the list of recommendations of tripadvisor and when I saw they had a lot of vegan and vegetarian options, I wanted to go. It was one of the best ideas ever. The café had a very special atmosphere , a bit hippy and new age-ish but the service was very nice and the food they served was delicious. They had a lot of variety in teas and hot chocolates. My friend took the ‘Good Mood’ tea with berries and the Spinach-Lasagne. I took the Bulgur Pilavi (a vegan option) and a Aryuveda tea. It was the first time I ate Bulgur Pilavi and I must say, it tasted so nice. The creamy texture and the pieces raisin and fruit in it were almost melting in my mouth. The tea was just my taste and I regretted not taking a whole can. The Spinach-lasagne also was very delicious. My friend still dreams about it and since then she wants to eat spinach everywhere we go and she wants to try to remake the dish at home. It left a very deep impression on her. Her tea also was nice! Normally I don’t like berry teas, but the sip I took from hers tasted nice. I think, next time I go to Dresden, I will come again. One negative point, my friend went to the toilet and said it was very scary and not a nice experience.


But otherwise, we had a very nice time in Dresden and I recommend going.

(P.S I really am sorry for my bad pictures… But at least they are all my own) 


  1. I love the photos! Dresden is such a stunning city! If you visit again, try and go in December but the Christmas markets are amazing, and also if you venture over to Neustadt check out Kunsthofpassage 🙂


    • kitsun3chan · March 17, 2016

      Thank you!! I will remember that! I really wanted to see more of Dresden 🙂 Christmas market in Dresden sounds so magical!

      Liked by 1 person

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