Bad start, Happy Ending in München

The first impressions we got of München weren’t so nice. Immediately after leaving the station, we got into a swarm of smoking people. I got lost on the way to the hotel, and groups of Arabtype foreigners made us feel scared. I don’t have anything against foreigners, but I must admit I didn’t feel at ease. After asking the staff of another hotel the way to our hotel, returning to the station, still not finding the way, asking the staff at the station, and going back in the original direction, we found the hotel. There were a lot of different kind of hotels in the street.

By the time we checked in, put our luggage in the hotel room and were ready to depart for the ‘Altstadt’, it already was past 3h30. Before buying a metro ticket, there was a guy  who tried to sell his group day ticket for München for 5 people. He proved us he wasn’t lying and we bought it. So we had a day ticket for München. I checked the ticket and it seemed ok. But still, it was a strange experience.

Before visiting anything, we had to eat cake to forget the awful experience we just had. At the Marienplatz, we found a cute fancy café were we immediately went to. We drank tea and my friend tried tea with rum. It came with black tea and she neither had drunk black tea nor tea with drum so she couldn’t really taste the rum in the tea but for me it was obvious. Maybe it’s just me. The cakes were great. My friend ate two and I ate one. She took the cassis-mango and the Paris-café-I forgot the name but it was super delicious with mocca taste- and I took the yoghurt-raspberry one, coated with a layeré of white chocolate and a baiser-ish topping. It was so nice and we finally could relax but it already was 6 o’clock, so we made our way to some of the tourist spots I had planned.


 We were left in awe by the highness and greatness of the ‘Frauenkirche’ and the pretty ‘Altes Rathaus’. Even though we didn’t enter. Just taking pictues in the illuminated city was enough for us. We also went to the ‘Hofbrauhaus’. I ate a ‘Gemüsekuchen’ and drank ‘Cola Mix (Spezi)’. The vegetable quiche was heavier as expected by the way. And my friend ate a ‘Kartoffelsuppe’, and drank the smallest bier on the menu (which means half a litre). She really liked it, might be the most delicious beer she ever drank, she said. Although I didn’t drink, I almost got drunk by the atmosphere of singing people in the old building. You could really feel it’s history and the atmosphere was really set by the traditional band performing traditional music. We also got to talk to two other Japanese traveling around, I mean my Japanese friend talked to them after she had to go to the bathroom and I was waitong for her.


Altes Rathaus


in the Hofbrauhaus


altes rathaus





 We went back to the hotel and were tired but still happy the day ended well.


One comment

  1. Jochen · March 29, 2016

    Oh, you haven’t took ‘Eine Maß Bier’ in the Hofbräuhaus, that’s the typical drink there 😉
    Great pictures. CU, Jochen

    Liked by 1 person

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