A trip to a Disney land castle far far away in the snow: Schloss Neuschwanstein

Finally I got to see this majestic castle. We took the train from München Hbf to Füssen together with all the other tourists, for about 2 hours. I think the train must have been filled with only tourists. When we arrived, we just followed all the other tourists to the busses. There were two busses, one normal sized and one bigger one to welcome the load of tourists because there is no other choice than to go by bus. One ride is about 2,25 euros. Before I forget to mention. It had snowed. There was a lot of snow!! Which means, I get to see the pretty snow view of this fairytale castle., to make it more like a fairytale.

The first thing we did when we arrived was to get our tickets at the ticket center, about 3-4 minutes by foot from the bus station. We lined up for about half an hour, waiting for our turn. The staff was very friendly and gave us some tips. We bought something small to eat (a pretzel and a Berliner) in the snack next to the ticket center and then we searched for a toilet. In the small city (which was also very cute), there were a few toilets, but they all cost 50 cents. Maybe if you go into a restaurant, it might be for free.

 We went up with the carriage and we even could sit in front. I took about 15 minutes to go up and from there, it took 5-10 minutes to the Schloss. There are also busses leading to a certain point in front of the castle (but at that time not available) and you also had the choice to go old fashionably by foot. Downstairs, at the bus station we had already took some pictures from afar, but now we were very close and the tension rose. The castle was big and looked very strong, but the environment in which it was built, made the castle really look like it was unreal, like an illusion.  I just can’t describe it in words. It got very cold though and our feet and fingers started to freeze. But I was happy I had the snow-view I had dreamt of. We had to check the number of our tour on the ticket and when it was displayed on the screen in front of the entrance, we could scan our ticket and enter. We got our audio-guide and started the tour. The guide was only there to lead us to the rooms and to give us signals for our audio-guide. There were a lot of different languages to choose from, even Japanese. Inside, you aren’t allowed to take pictures. The guided tour takes about 30 minutes.

The inside of the castle was very middle-aged and you could really see Ludwig II’s love for Wagner. But I was the most impressed by the cave with electric lights inside the castle, with the glass-window veranda. The rooms were mostly made of wood and there were a lot of textile with figures or wall-pictures. It might have not been the most impressing castle from the inside I have seen but it was sure worth the visit. You could really see he had money too much. In my eyes. Very impressive. But the outside stays the most impressive.

We wanted to take the train of 4 o’clock (only every 2 hours a train?) so we had to hurry a bit so we didn’t have the chance to visit the café or the other fascilities inside the castle, which was a shame, but we still had a fun and nice time. OK, I confess, we sprinted down the hill back to the bus and were 10 minutes ahead of time. At least we got warm and back to the hotel in München safely.

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