Visiting Heidelberg 

In the morning, we ate breakfast at the ‘Coffee Fellows‘-shop (a chain shop it seems) in the Schillerstreet in München. I was surprised because they had a kind of buffet breakfast, which was very seducing. Me and my friend both took a bagel and a drink though. My friend had the fitnessbagel with Dinkel and I had the Avocado (kind of addicted to avocado lately) with pumpkin seeds. The bagels were very delicious. I took a hot lemon-mint-ginger juice and I really liked it. My friend took a small iced café latte but it was way too sweet for her. In Japan, they don’t make it as sweet as this, she said. She’s more a bitter-lover.

Anyway, we returned to the hotel, checked out and went to the station while rolling our continuously growing luggage. Then we wanted to buy a smoothie. Somehow we really had to, so we went to the bio shop and bought one but suddenly, we only had 5 minutes left until our train would depart. So we ran with our super heavy luggage to the platform to find out the train has a delay. Well, better then being a minute too late.

We sat in the wagon for bicycles, together with a young mother and her small little cute child. The wagon was very spacious, and we were happy we could easily just drop our luggage in front of us without being a nuisance to anyone. We talked a lot, were enchanted by the cute little toddler and drank our smoothies. It didn’t feel as 3 hours.

In Heidelberg, we checked in in the Ibis hotel and made our way to the ‘Altstadt’. I got lost again, but found my way quickly without asking anyone. On the way, we ate a late lunch. We weren’t planning on eating a lot, but the food in this shop ‘RED’ looked so delicious, and it’s really the kind of food I like, vegetarian and biological. I really loved it. It was like a buffet and you can fill as much as you want to eat andor pay on your dish and this will be weight at the counter and according to this, the price will calculated. I took a prune-apple-ginger juice with it and it was so good. I really want to come again.

Then we really entered the Altstadt. We walked the main street and the old houses lining up were so lovely. We went to a tea-shop and a muesli-shop (mainly because I wanted to enter) and I bought some tea and muesli (surprise surprise). On our way, we stopped and watched a street show. A man was performing magic trickes, but rather than magic tricks, he made the public laugh. He knew very well almost everyone doesn’t believe in tricks and he performed his show on a way that you just had to keep watching, like a tv-show. He captivated people with his words. So rather than a magic trick performer, I would say he enchanted everyone by his words so everyone would have a nice time and keep watching.

After that I planned going to the Studentenkarster (a prison for Students used until hundred year back) but somehow it closed at 4 and we just arrived at 4. If I only hadn’t entered that muesli-shop.

But we could enter the library of the university (which I pretty much liked because of its old feeling and because it felt like there was a lot of wisdom hidden in it) and the garden of the castle. The Castle. We didn’t enter but we took a walk in the garden and took a lot of pictures of the nice, breathtaking view. To go to the castle, there were two ways up. One being an old staircase and another being a steep stone way up. They both take about 10 minutes.

 As for dinner, we ate in a semi-Japanese-ish restaurant, MoshMosh. Although I still was full from my lunch, I couldn`t resist. It looked so delicious and I just ate. I left the 2/3 of the rice though. We both took the sweet potato coconuts soups and I also took some vegetables in yakisoba-sauce, rice with umeboshi dressing and furikake and biological tempeh. I actually wanted a small side  salad but I really wanted to eat tempeh. You almost don’t find tempeh in Japan. It tasted good but the service was so-so. She was friendly but I was shocked at the reaction after I told then the toiletpaper in the ladies toilet was all gone (I mean even the paper to dry your hands was all gone. It was such an awful experience). They said something like ‘Yes we know. we will fill up in just a bit’ in a stressed-angry tone. Maybe I’m too used to the Japanese staff apologizing for like almost everything. But it was an awful experience and I didn’t like the way they answered.


so sad I didn’t manage to eat everything

 Anyway, I could almost roll back to the hotel. And after the buffet breakfast at the hotel, I felt like a big, round bowl. Anyway, the Ibis hotel in Heidelberg was very nice, although the walls were a bit thin maybe. We heard a lot of noise. Maybe the other tourists were just noisy. The room was the smallest one we had until now but it was ok. The breakfast room was very nice though. Spacy and with green and white colours.

Overall, I really liked Heidelberg. The calm shopping atmosphere in the city, the old buildings and the Schloss especially made this day an enjoyable day.

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