A typical Belgian rainy day in Antwerp

We didn`t see a lot of Antwerp. There are still the MAS museum and Planteyn museum which I recommend going, and some other beautifully places left unseen. But we did see the must-visit places for a Japanese visit to Antwerp. These are the unrealist beautiful station and the church of `The Dog Of Flanders`-story (a story written by an English lady which is situated in Belgium but strangely only the Japanese know. Try asking a Japanese about it. Every single one knows it. I tested).

Of course we visited the inside of the church first. I mean station. It have never thought about it before, but in the eyes of a Japanese girl who only has seen churches like we have in Europe on pictures, every pretty building must look like a church (especially when it`s made in Gothic style).

Then we dared going outside, into the rainy city. First we wanted to have lunch. I had planned to go to the `Foodmaker`, a shop I had frequently visited during my first year studying in Leuven. We jogged to the shop (with a few picture breaks) and were glad there was place to sit. We both took a salad, a soup and a foodmaker muffin (they are so delicious… I have been craving for it for  2 years.. now, finally!). And after that, we were pretty full. I think my eyes were bigger as my tummy. 

 After leaving the shop, we went to the cahedral  screaming how cold and rainy it was and going from shop to shop on the `Meir`=street(famous shoppingstreet). We succesfully arrived at the church (I remind you of my map reading skills). In front of the cathedral, you should be able to find a black memorial stone with only Japanese written on it. It’s about the dog of Flanders and that’s the reason it’s only in Japanese I guess. After taking a picture of that and the church we went inside as quickly as possible because the cold and the rain got really unbearable.

 We paid to get inside and walked around the cathedral. We saw the painting that was feautured in the ‘Dog of Flanders’ and wandered around. But actually, we just wanted to go home. So we did. We jogged back in the rain to the station. We missed our first train and went to the second one. Which got a delay. And in the middle of the trip, all passangers were asked to change trains because there was a technical problem. The station where this happened had a problem too though because a lot of trains were delayed. We got on a delayed train and got to Brussels like that. In Brussels we catched a delayed train to my hometown, where my parents came to pick us up. I seriously am so thankful for that.

We were dripping wet. The next day we heard there was a bomb alarm in Leuven and that that was the reason for a lot of delays (we had the luck to be in a train with technical problems too). And I also found out the reason why my left foot was really wet.I noticed I really had a hole in my footsole. Great.

I wish I could say I had a good day in general but actually, it was a bad day in general with a few good things (like the ‘Foodmaker’ or the fact I did some shopping).

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