I went to buy some matcha but came back home with a fancy package of tea 

Honestly… I only wanted some matcha cuz I almost run out of mine. Then the shop lady came and she was so fired up about tea and tried her best to explain everything to me. She showed me the tea made of the first batch of harvested tea leaves from spring (I sometimes couldn’t understand what she was saying cuz she was talking fast and quite silently). 

So yeah. I bought matcha and het recommendation of tea (the packaging is soooo cute) and some Japanese sweets. 

She really wrapped it up nicely for me.

Then she invited me to have some tea. She let me drink all sorts of tea and showed me how to make them. She really seems to love tea. I loved watching her. We talked and I really started to like her. She’s so positive and she made my heart full , as my stomach (so much tea! Me =happy).

I really feel like I learned something. Maybe I can see het again. 

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