Afraid to read Japanese?? 

Since I started studying Japanese literatur in Japan… I recently noticed I became afraid of reading. It always took me such a long time to read what was asked of me, too many words I had to look up which I wanted to but didn’t have the time to do so. The content also was difficult. This also made me stop reading for fun.

Until I noticed how fast I actually could read English or Dutch again, how much FUN it is to READ without having big difficulties. 

Now I started reading a manga in Japanese and it reads so fast… I’m starting to enjoy reading again, little by little! 

The manga is called ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ btw and I’M HOOKED! 

I hope I’ll be able to read more Japanese! Like real novels. 


  1. Bonsai · September 10, 2016

    Oh hell! So much of what I read was for the kids and for business! For my pleasure I once spent a great deal of time reading Giniro Natsuo poetry and short stories. Also enjoyed Wachifield books.

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    • kitsun3chan · September 11, 2016

      I never read those! Are they good?


      • Bonsai · September 11, 2016

        Wachifield books are generally short. I bought them primarily for the artwork. Those are probably not worth the money just for study. But the writings of Giniro Natsuo (a fictional name by the way) can be used for study. It is very conversational, free verse. There are many books and at the time I had most of them (and still do) in my collection. Some are even hand written in a rather youthful style which makes deciphering a challenge sometimes. The spirit of the books is young love, melancholy which I like. You might try one.


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