Loud neighboor

I couldn’t sleep well because of the heat and because one of my neighboors started singing and playing guitart at 1:30 am. I mean , yesterday it was 2:30. And she’s not trying to be silent in any way. What should I do? It’s almost every day… Maybe I should write a note.. 

But this morning I felt great because the weather is so nice! It really feels good to open your window and see a sunny sky! 


  1. Bonsai · September 10, 2016

    How unusual. If I were to write a note I would say something like, “Your play and singing is so lovely. Would you mind providing your services when I am more awake? Sincerely, Anata no koto choppiri suki na kinjouno no hito

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    • kitsun3chan · September 10, 2016

      @thesixfootbonsai haha if I could only find the courage to find out from which neighboor it is..


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