The importance and danger of treats for yourself

I experienced it lots of times: I did my best today, I deserve this. And I bought it. Especially since I started living abroad, the treats I buy for myself have increased.

But sometimes you just start wanting more because, no treat will cover up how tired you are. It is just momentary and sometimes buying stuff leads to feelings of regret. Which makes me feel bad over myself all again.

I want to enjoy myself. But somehow I really like buying in organic stuffs or fancy stuff. But if I don’t buy anything, this feeling/NEED heaps up untill it explodes and I buy way too much in a short period of time.

I have a lot of things I want to buy now. To make my life easier/bettef because I’ve been holding in for a whole year, saying ‘I can do without, it’s only a year and half’. 

I really should’ve bought those things at the beginning of my exchange year. I should stop listening to other people too much. It’s my life and my choices and I decide. 

Anyway, sorry if I left you confused. Philosophy on the train back home.

This was today’s snack and treat, cuz I felt tired and I have to have energy because I will finally be buying a microwave  

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