Having a Western life style in Japan

When I first came to Japan, I tried all kind of Japanese dishes. I thought, since I am in Japan, I should try to experience the Japanese life style. Especially cooking Japanese (also because cooking Western can be very expensive here). But as much as I love Japanese food, I notice I feel better eating western-ish food. It’s really remarkable how important food habits are for your mental health too. I can’t really explain it, but it might be an inconsiousness ‘habit’, part of who you are, your cultural background you grew up in (this idea is a bit of Bourdieu’s term ‘habits’). It’s lingering deep inside yourself…

Anyway, maintaining this Western life style or life style I feel the best with (which is eating as healthy as possible) is a bit expensive in Japan because

  • Staples get expensiver (whole weat spaghetti, peanut butter, etc)
  • Fruit is so expensive
  • My favourite granola or cornflakes also are more expensive … a lot
  • Cheese is also expensive but I don’t eat cheese so it’s ok
  • Western food is mostly imported so it’ll be more expensive

The shops I go the most to are (besides the normal supermarket)

  • Kaldi
  • Seijo Ishi
  • Natural House, Lima, or other  organic shops

In these shops I will get chick peas or legumes, tortilla wraps, sriracha, peanuts butter, european-ish bread, whole wheat spaghetti, non sugared almond milk

In my local supermarket I will wait untill they have their ‘sales’day once a week where fruit and veggies get cheaper.

If I don’t plan it’s really too expensive and by planning ahead I can save a lot of money by calculating in those ‘sale’ days.

Butternut black beans oat burger



I feel so much better since I eat like this! So conclusion: if I want to live in Japan, I’ll need a good job.



  1. Bonsai · November 7, 2016

    It has always been expensiver to survive in Japan. Creative dishes!


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