Vegan gourmet festival in Tokyo

Hey, it’s been such a long time since I wrote something… I’ve been so busy with preparing for the JLPT (japanese language proficiency test) and the ‘hangul kentei’ (a korean proficiency test). And of course, busy living my life 😂😂
So this post is about a vegan festival I went to a month ago with a friend (she’s Japanese and 8:2 ratio vegan because she eats meat when eating with her boyfriend. I think it’s interesting that in Japan most vegans are vegan because of health reasons rather than ethical) 

Anyway it was held in a huuuge park km Kiba in Tokyo and althoug h it was october it was SO hot. Definately dressed up to warm. 
We walked around and talked a bit. We ate a taco rice and a matcha crepe (we were sooo full after that). Taco rice is an Okinawan speciality and the stand selling it also really came from Okinawa to Tokyo for this event. Which deserves an applause. Other shops were from Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagoya mainly. 
This crepe was soooooooooo good. The matcha made it a bit bitter and not too sweet and the matcha creme inside was soooooo indulging. Mixed with Azuki red beans and chestnuts and something crunchy… this was the best crepe I have ever eaten.

I bought some vegan cheese, this will be the first time eating vegan cheese. It was good though! 
These pumpkin cookies were soooo cute and tasted even better. Really, like the batter melts in your mouth and leaves a pleasant after taste. 

Do I need further explanation??I mean matcha Azuki brownies. Two of my most favourite Japanese foods combined in a brownie?? Instant buy (was really cheap actually) 

These kale chips… HAVE to find them again. Too expensive in other shops and these were like too good. 

It was a nice day! 

I actually want Japanese people to be a little more aware of what they are eating. I mean fish stock is used for like everything and even ‘vegetable cooking’ in restaurants contains meat… the concept of vegetarianism clearly isn’t well-known and wenn it is, it’s mostly because of health reasons…


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