I’m starting yoga classes in Japan?

There are 2 main reasons I wanted to start yoga in Japan. 

1) I noticed my stress is getting worse again

2) I noticed I may be addicted to gym-treadmill or exercises in general? It sounds strange but I’m having difficulties stopping when being at the gym… and lately I’ve been pushing myself more and it takes some time to recover for my body. 
So I wanted some relaxing exercise where I still can sweat or move my body. And I’ve wanted to try yoga for some time.

So when I started googling it up, I found ‘Lava Yoga’, a yoga studio nearby.

So, I went to ‘Lava yoga’ for a try-out lesson. 

I went 30 minutes earlier as asked when reserving the lesson. I had to fill in some formulars and they let me choose between 3 courses, each with a different price. 

  • Only the lesson
  • Lesson + some health benefit drinks
  • Don’t remember but there was a lot included

I tried out the drink one. Because my hands were so cold again and the drink should be good against that.

There was another girl there to try-out. She was thin and elegant but I couldn’t grasp her age, somewhere end teenagers until mid twenties. She turned out to be 20. 

The instructor was so sweet. She is about my age and seemed very enthousiast and genuinly happy to have us in her lesson. 

The lesson itself was held in a warm room, with some 20 other woman, ages ranging from 20 untill somewhat in the 60. But Japanese DO tend to look younger than their age so I honestly don’t know.

I tried to follow the instrutrice , trying to understand the Japanese while relaxing. There was a lot of Japanese specific to exercises or yoga and sometimes I misunderstood, so when secretely glancing at the person next to me, I immediately changed my position. 

Although being a beginner, I think I did a good job. It was really refreshing and actually fun. My stomach felt better. 

So I decided to become a member. They were holding a campaign so I can now enjoy the benefits of being a ‘full free member’. Which means I can borrow towels for free, can go whenever and wherever to the studio. 
I hope I can feel the benefits of yoga soon. Anyway, I’m really excited. 


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