The Rebirth of J

Yesterday, I went to the concert of Jaejoong in Yokohama.  It was so great I wanted to write this post, to remember it forever.

英語と日本語で書いてさせていただきます~ ここはジェジュンの横浜ライブについて書きます。昨日に行ってきて、すごかったです。一生忘れたくないライブなので、ブログに書くことにしました。

Happy to be able to go

Now, I’ve been a TVXQ fan for years, since I was in High school. I’m now in my masters already. They broke up but I wanted to hear them live. When the members and former members went to Europe, I couldn’t go because it was not in my country and it would be too expensive and I would have school the next day.
But I said to myself, I HAD to go to a concert of at least one of them during my exchange student year in Japan. Sadly, they all went to do their military service. But I had calculated Jaejoong`s return would be a little bit before I leave again so IF I would be lucky and he decided to immediately give a concert, I would grab this chance. No matter what, I would even skip classes for it, luckily I didn`t have to. Because Jaejoong somehow decided to fulfill my wish and gave a concert on a day where I practically had nothing to do.
It was actually thanks to a friend of mine I could get a hand of a ticket. I cannot express how thankful I am to her. Akari and Akari’s mother, you are the best





So yesterday was the day I`ve been waiting for.

Yokohama Arena was easy to find. I bought some onigiri at the convenience shop and a few cookies. I felt like I needed some sugar to get me through the concert without passing out. Everyone had received a seating number so no fighting to get in. It went actually very smooth. I bought a light stick (although it was only the 2nd day in Japan, a lot of goods were already sold out) and went to my seating. I went to the toilet three times before it would start. I mean, at that moment it was my biggest fear to want to go to the toilet during the performance.

I returned to my seat and the woman next to me asked me where I came from. I mean, as a foreigner with blonde hair, people notice me. I got into a talk with them and they seemed nice. I was actually happy they had talked to me because most Japanese are shy.


横浜アリーナは新横浜駅からわかりやすかったです。行く前に、コンビニでおにぎりやクッキー買いました。ライブ中倒れないようにどうしても糖分が必要でと思ったからです。席は指定席だったから、入場するのは簡単で、スムーズにできました。Light stick を買って(売り切れたグッズはたくさんありました)席に行きました。ライブ中にトイレに行きたくなるのがあまりのも怖くて、三回いっておきました。苦笑


The performance

Jaejoong didn’t let us wait for a long time until he started. At first, he felt far away, although we were in the same space. My seat was quite far I guess. People around me used binoculars.At first I felt weird. This man, I had adored since a quite long time, is now singing there and giving his all for this concert, where I am a part of the overwhelming red-white glittering crowd. The Japanese crowd has its own way to react to Jaejoong’s words, with a lot of Japanese eeeeee and aaaaa and I could like effortlessly get into this Japanese mentality. I understood what Jaejoong was saying. His Japanese is the cutest Japanese I have ever heard. I noticed some similarities with the Japanese of other Koreans I know. But Jaejoong’s voice and how he acted, it melted into one and made me fall for him. How he was enjoying his stage, how he interacted with the fans, it made me fall for his charms.
There was this one part where he looked into the cameras into the crowd and talked to us, fans through that. It is a clever way to interact with fans. He also showed some fans of Chile. Around me then, the Japansese wanted  me to speak up and tell Jaejoong I came from far too. Like everyone was looking at me. But I felt so embarassed and unimportant, but thinking about it now, I should`ve been selfish and try to speak up too.
Jaejoong obviously loved interacting with his crowd and his manly fans too. he also loved talking. Like a lot of, how do you call it? small talk! He did a lot of small talk or talk about his friends or experiences or how he thought his Japanese got worse and he should study more (Jaejoong, let`s study together!!) . I actually could really relate with his Japanese learn`-talk.
He had even made a few Japanese versions of his Korean songs although he only was discharged from the army 1 month ago. I could really see he loved his Japanese crowd and being in Japan. I mean… his Japanese was the cutest Japanese ever, had I mentioned that already? it was killing me.
During the performance my emotions went from crying, remembering all the sad times where I had relied on TVXQ or Jaejoong’s music, remembering all the hardships I had went through, to an unbelievable happy feeling (during the uplifting songs like Good morning night, from which he did the refrain like… 7 times?? I didn’t count, even when he was tired, the fans wanted more and more so he gave us more. We also did the good morning J variant!
I couldn’t believe how quickly these 3 amazing hours went by. Before I knew it, we were singing Ill protect you, together with Jaejoong. He promised a Japanese version. Oh please do!! But I couldn’t notice him getting tired and he also had to suppress his cough a few times so maybe he was getting sick. I hope he rests enough.








曲やジェジュンのリズムを感じ、ジャンプしたり、わくわくしたりして、最高にうれしかったです。good morning nightは疲れてても何回も繰り返し、楽しかったです。ジェジュン、ありがとう!good morning J版もやりました!


三時間かなり激しいかもしれません!! でもありがたいジェジュンの三時間です。

Me in heaven

I don`t regret paying alot going to this concert, it was worth all the money and I definately would go again if I have the chance!! It has been a long time since my heart beat so much of excitement.







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